Bound by the principles of honour, autonomy, equality, respect and recognition regardless of political inclination, social and cultural differences and religious belief...
We bind ourselves together for the purpose of preserving and prmoting the legacy of Modern Arnis;

We hereby establish a family of Modern Arnis practitioners to give meaning and reality to the art.

We are committed to accomplish this purpose through cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge, promotion of solidarity and brotherly love.

Through these, we shall continue and strengthen the legacy of Modern Arnis.




  • intellectual honesty, and deep sense of professionalism distinguish us.
  • We keep an open mind to ideas but are uncompromising on matters of principles.
  • We resplutely adhere to the noblest standards of ethics in relating with people and practicing FMA.
  • Ministering to the art demands our best.
  • Thus we continously seek new knowledge to be always at our best.
  • Our mentors, champions of excellence, inspiringly enhance our knowledge and skills.
  • We repay them by enthusiastically cascading our learning to our colleagues.


  • We respect human dignity.
  • Respectful of diversity and individual capabilities, we can function alternately at WFMA as effective leaders and followers, the secret of our successful teamwork.


  • Bound by principle and wisdom of leadership, we put our step forward and commit our honor and person for the good of the common.


  • We believe in our common direction as we maintain autonomy, recognition for others bounded by team spirit in achieving a common bond for the good of our brothers.
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